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Al now makes over $19,000 per year instead of $7,000 with his former service.

" All the years of owning a bar this is the fastest I have ever paid for an item. It paid for itself in about a month and a half. The Barjukebox is awesome! "
Putt's Bar and Grill
Rochester, IN

"It took four months for it to pay for itself. We were doing $360 every 5 weeks, now we're doing about $300 a week after the internet and music fees. The customers like it and they play the **** out of it! "
Prefers to remain anonymous

" provides great customer service. It was everything we expected. We ordered the amp upgrade, use 8 speakers, 4 zones of sound. The different zones work great for our bar. We can let customers at the bar enjoy the music louder, while toning down the volume in the pool table area. Overall, it's a great jukebox."
Coyote's Bar
Panama City, FL

"I received a call from Rob and I ordered one on the spot. I have been loosing 20% off the top and splitting the remaining revenue on an old CD jukebox. No more being taken advantage of. I now make all the money. Thanks Rob "
Kampers Korner
Los Angeles, CA

The Barjukebox is the last jukebox you will ever need. It's maintenance FREE and has only two moving parts, a fan and the lifetime warranted hard drive. The only maintenance needed is that you will have to remove the cash!

You set the price of the songs. The built in schedule allows you to charge a different cost per play any day of the week, any hour of the day! * 19" Touch screen *
LED light show synchronized to the music * Dollar Bill Acceptor: 1's, 5's, 10's, 20's * YOU GET THE KEY TO THE CASHBOX! * Two Standard internal 400 watt two channel amplifiers * Two zones of independent volume control * Wireless remote controls the volume, add credit, skip track, mute and calibrate touch screen included * Aux inputs and outputs * Fully programmable background music * Create playlists and schedules that automatically play when nobody is selecting music * Video outputs for promotional video messages * Create messages and display them on external monitors or TV's * Sell your own advertising and turn the machine into a double profit center!

The Barjukebox has a built in Keno game system. You can display it on your external TV's. Sell Keno cards and keep your customers in their seats spending more money on Keno prize nights. Your jukebox music subscription allows you unlimited plays per month. Over 300,000 songs and growing. No long term commitments because you will want to keep this box forever. Your internet connection allows you to access our entire music library that updates with new releases weekly. Can’t find a song? Email a list and they will be uploaded.

MUSIC VIDEOS are now available! Charge more for videos. You can be the first on the block to display music videos throughout your location.

Financing options are available including PayPal-Bill Me Later.

All internet jukeboxes require a flat monthly music subscription fee. Call now 630-369-8513. To view the Barjukebox video demo click here.

The Barjukebox - Floor Model - Deluxe Jukebox The Barjukebox - Internet Jukebox - Standard Wall Box
Our Price: $7,195.00
Our Price: $4,295.00
Internet Jukebox The Barjukebox Mini - Internet Jukebox - Wall Box
Finally, a Jukebox where you keep ALL of the revenue!  No split!  You call the shots! The Standard Barjukebox - You Keep ALL the Cash!
The Barjukebox - Deluxe Wall Box The Barjukebox - Skyscraper - Deluxe Jukebox
Our Price: $5,295.00
Our Price: $7,495.00
Internet Jukebox Internet Jukebox
Finally, a Jukebox where you keep ALL of the revenue!  No split!  You call the shots! The BIGGEST and LOUDEST Jukebox ever made!