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Why a Consultant?

You may be apprehensive and have likely been approached by multiple companies. As usual everyone claims to have "the most experience" and they all use "the best equipment". One thing you don’t want to do is allow someone that has little or no industry experience to provide you with third tier equipment. These and other mistakes may lower your earnings by $50,000 or more per year.

We are the leading consulting company regarding the new Illinois Gaming Act and the video poker machines. The act allows any establishment in Illinois that holds a liquor license to have video gaming terminals.

What sets us apart from everyone else?

You will work directly with Tim Dever, someone you can trust. Tim is licensed by the State of Illinois as a Private Alarm and Security Contractor. He has had all the background checks needed to be in the alarm and security industry. Having previously owned a security company he secured the assets of businesses over a 15 year period. He has your best interests in mind. He will advise you on who is best suited to provide you with games for your location. There are several options and many companies focus on different types of venues. He will advise you to work with the perfect fit, the one that will maximize your annual game earnings. You may not believe it but many locations will see earnings in excess of $250,000 annually. Yes, that could be your share. In these trying times an extra $250,000 per year sure would be nice.

Tim founded in 2005 and most recently We are a direct national distributer for everything from Golden Tee to the new Music Video Barjukebox. We have sold games internationally to bar and restaurant owners as well as Devin Hester and Ron Howard. Our goal is to always maximize your revenue. We consistently increase annual revenue on a jukebox alone by $15,000. With our expertise you will get the best of both worlds. We will supply you with entertainment products with no middle man whenever possible. We will align you with the perfect fit regarding the state regulated video poker machines. We know exactly how to maximize your earnings on everything from juke boxes to video poker machines. We have been in national entertainment distribution for eight years. Being based in Illinois we are best suited to eliminate the middleman and put the most money possible in your bank account.

We recognize that your brand is important to you. There are simple ways to separate the game area from the rest of your establishment. You can have a very classy gaming area added to your new or existing location that generates and extra six figures. There is never any charge to you for our expertise or advice. We will provide everything you need to get moving in the right direction. You just supply your location and we will do the rest. The games will not cost you a dime. In fact the state will not allow you to purchase any of these machines. The new gaming act simply can put revenue in your pocket. All you have to do is agree that you want our help and help is on the way.

Note regarding Illinois video poker machines:

The Illinois Gaming Act and the type of games require you to work with an Illinois State Licensed Terminal Operator. You cannot get this type machine on your own as the Illinois Gaming Board does not allow it.

Tim provides endless consultation and gives you free non-biased advice regarding maximizing your revenue. You will never pay anything for his advice and expertise regarding...

• Assistance with Licensing applications with no strings attached
• Help determine the best layout and placement of your game area
• Ensure Compliance of all rules and regulations
• Make sure you get the highest earning machines available and much more

For a free no obligation walk through and consultation call Tim Dever

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