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"All the years of owning a bar this is the fastest I have ever paid for an item. It paid for itself in about a month and a half. The Barjukebox is awesome!"
Putt's Bar and Grill
Rochester, Indiana
" provides great Customer Service. has great  Jukebox (equipment) was everything expected.  Had the Amp upgraded, use 8 Speakers, 4 zones and sound.  Different zones work great for our bar.  We can let customers at bar enjoy the music louder, while toning down the volume in the Pool Table area.   Overall, great jukebox."
Coyote's Bar
Panama City, FL
"I received a call from Rob and I ordered one on the spot. I have been loosing 20% off the top and splitting the remaining revenue on an old CD jukebox. No more being taken advantage of. I now make all the money. Thanks Rob " 
Campers Corner
Los Angeles Ca

"It took four months for it to pay for itself. We were doing $360 every 5 weeks, now we're doing about $300 a week after the internet and music fees. The customers like it and they play the **** out of it!"