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The Barjukebox - Deluxe Wall Box
Internet Jukebox


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Product Code: IJB-1A

Barjukebox Music Fees

Recurring Music Fee*:
Monthly Recurring Music Fee- By checking this box and purchasing the Barjukebox, you agree to the Recurring Monthly Music Fee as described here.    I authorize “BarJukebox” to perform monthly scheduled recurring charges, in advance, in the amount of $216 to my account for payments due.   If the payment method is credit card, a 4% processing fee will be added.  If you would prefer to have the monthly Music Fees automatically withdrawn from your checking account without the additional processing fee, please contact Barjukebox.  

The $216 monthly fee provides unlimited music plays per month and includes access to the music network, regular new music updates, licensing of the Master Recordings (Labels), mechanical reproduction licensing (publishers) and Public Performance licensing (ASCAP, BMI and SESAC).  If at any time, the credit card is declined, your music service will be terminated and a $50 reinstatement fee will apply.

Description Technical Specs
The Barjukebox

Finally a Jukebox where you keep ALL of the revenue! No split. You call the shots! You make ALL of the cash. Not 40 or 50%. You take 100% and put in the bank! You own the machine and have access to an unlimited music library and unlimited plays for a flat monthly fee.

2 Year Manufacturer Warranty on the entire machine. Lifetime hard drive Warranty

You set the price of the songs

19" LCD Touchscreen

LED light show synchronized to the music

Dollar Bill Acceptor - 1's, 5's,10's, 20's

Two 400 watt 2 channel amp standard

Wireless remote included with volume, add credit, skip track, mute and calibrate touchscreen

Aux inputs for microphone, background music, television and more

Fully programmable background music, create playlists and schedules that automatically play when nobody is selecting music

Video out for promotional video messages, create messages and display them on external monitors or TV's

This jukebox has a built in Keno system. You can display it on your external TV's. Keep your customers in their seats spending more money on Keno prize nights

Your unlimited jukebox music subscription allows you maximum earnings at a flat monthly fee. Your broadband connection allows you access to our entire music library that updates with the latest releases weekly.

*terms and conditions apply

Call Barjukebox.com, the leader in and coin op sales. Lifetime customer support included with every purchase. (855) 521-0828.

Barjukebox overview

Wired Remote Control Polk Audio Atrium 6 Speakers
per Pair
<SPAN style="COLOR: #800000; FONT-WEIGHT: bold">Wired Remote Control</span> Polk Audio Atrium 6 Speakers